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We as OOF Nation, want to serve others before ourselves, bring joy, laughter, and the gospel to others, using our words and actions to glorify God, by giving our time in humility.


OOFing Mcoofington

My name is Graham Hunter, and I am an active and adventurous person.  I love outdoors, ultimate frisbee, and snowboarding.


My name is david hunter, and I am the manager at Being Brave.  My hobbies include trampoline tricking, Roundnet, and hanging out with my friends.


Goofy gorl

My name is John duke, and i am the second oldest of 6 kids.  i enjoy basketball, drawing, and lifting weights.  I am the missions leader at being brave and i love sharing the gift god gave me with others.  

Lil tasty

I'm lil tasty aka Kyle Johnson, i'm passionate about god, helping people, and sports.  I workout btw.  


The Savage

Hello my name is Cole Courkamp and I became a Christian in July of 2016.  I love to play sports, be with friends, and play video games.

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