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Being Brave in your Daily Life

When people ask me about how the global pandemic has affected my life, I like to tell them a funny story. I say that mid-January I started a Bible memorization system that lasted one verse. I only ever memorized Proverbs 18:1 "Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire, and breaks out against all sound judgement." Then I go on to mention how ironic this was considering it wasn't long after that we all began "Self Isolation" and "Quarantine"

Originally this seems like a humorous coincidence, because obviously we had no choice but to isolate. But in reality this story demonstrates something much bigger, because we have the option to text, call, and send letters to encourage and witness to people we know. So this verse not only always applies, but shows that we should always strive to build relationships in the name of Christ. And the reason for this is the greatest truth of our faith.

God is good.

It's always true, and it's the reason that no matter what our circumstances may be, the Bible will always apply. We can always reach out to others, and we can always do good deeds, because God, who enables our heart, is always good and faithful to do so.

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